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Mahmud Manning


Mahmud Manning is an Urbanist and Illuminator who trained at The Prince of Wales’s  Institute of Architecture (V.I.T.A. MA) and at the Topkapi   Palace, Istanbul, where he honed his skills of TES-HIB under two Turkish Masters, Semih Irtes and Mamure Oz.


He is concerned with the  unifying aspects of Mathematics, Astronomy and other sciences where beauty can be brought out and acknowledged within the visual form. Architecturally he looks to enhance and help bring out the social dynamic within the built form.


Mahmud also studied at Camberwell School of Art & Craft, London  (BA Painting) Morley College, London where he learn't Aquatint/mezzotint engraving as well as a further M.A. in Urban Design at Birmingham City University.

He recently completed a Mosque design and build in KSA together with an 'ecological village' design for implementation within the same site.

Mahmud works from his studio in West Yorkshire, UK.

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